The Enchanted Forest

We’ve delivered integrated marketing for The Enchanted Forest for many years, helping them to establish this annual family event as one of Scotland’s premier tourist attractions. The Cunningly Good Group has had 13 successful years at the helm of marketing The Enchanted Forest, now Scotland’s premier sound and light event, and the agency has been instrumental in transforming the small Perthshire event into the top attraction it is today.

When we first took over in 2008, the event was relatively small and had very little profile. Most of the media coverage it received was “hyper-local” i.e within the vicinity of the locale of the event. It had won no awards. Since 2008, the marketing budget has remained largely the same. We had to be very clever about using public relations to “move the needle”.

Gradually, over time, the event’s profile has gone from being a Perthshire event, to a Scottish event, to being one of the UK’s leading cultural events, winning a multitude of awards. It is now comfortably and frequently referenced as a “place to visit” in coverage around the globe.

Coverage of the event now spans the planet with television crews coming from all over the world to cover it. Coverage has appeared in publications around the world, including Canada’s Globe and Mail and online for publications in Germany and the Netherlands.